Poulos Painting has a lot of experience working with housing construction projects getting their first coat, but we tend to specialize in repaints for Wilmington, NC residences.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who work on your home. They approach each project with diligence and respect, making sure the work on your residence will leave you in awe every time you walk through that door.

Exteriors will be pressure washed before being painted. We use paint with mildewcide for our projects to ensure protection against any mildew buildup on your residence. Interiors are taped and drop cloths laid out before applying any coats. Walls and trim will be sanded before applying the paint colors you’ve selected to give your home that flawless, newly finished touch.

We know there are many options in the area for getting your home painted and we want you to be comfortable in choosing us to paint your residence. We will provide as many references as you request to ensure trust, quality and job satisfaction. Also, we invite you to take a look at past work, or come out and see a job in action. Give us a call and we will help you with all of your painting needs. Even if you are unsure about color selection or decorative options, we would be happy to assist you.